Deer Hunting

Casey’s Hunting Camp offers a wonderful opportunity for the serious deer hunter. Unique opportunities are available throughout the long season for both the archery and gun hunter.

Bow season will begin on October 14, 2017 and run through February 10, 2018.  This time of year you will frequently see bucks still grouped together and will often find them feeding on the acorn crops or around the newly planted green plots.  Bow season typically sees warm weather, but don’t be surprised to experience a 40 degree morning as fronts do pass through the area.

Rifle season will begin on November 18, 2017 and run until February 10, 2018.  Rut season normally begins shortly after Christmas and will run through the end of deer season.

Every hunter can legally kill three bucks during the Alabama season. By our guidelines no antlered deer with 4 points or less on 1 side should be shot.

As required by law, there may be no more than two deer killed per day. This includes a maximum of one doe and one buck per day.


Your hunt will begin the morning or afternoon after you arrive, as there are, typically, two hunts per day.  This will give you time to select your bed, sight in your rifle, grab a meal and get acquainted with the other hunters in camp.  After your deer is killed, our staff will clean and hang your game in the walk-in cooler.  The day you leave it will be skinned, quartered and packed for travel.

Success Rate

Our hunters typically have an 80% success on bucks on a 4-day hunt.  Our bucks weights range from 140 to 220 lbs.

We hunt a total of 6,000 acres and never have more than nine hunters in the woods at any time. This practice prevents overhunting and helps to keep the quality bucks unalarmed. We hunt a mix of hardwoods, green fields, pine plantations and cutovers. We have 82 green fields with more than 150 permanent rifle stands.  Often we place portable stands in high deer traffic areas that are discovered during the season. The countryside consists of rolling hills, creek bottoms, pastureland and sagebrush.

We strongly encourage hunters to take only quality bucks.  With the opportunity to take a doe a day no hunter should leave without ample venison in their cooler.

What You Need

  • Camouflage Clothing: lightweight pants and shirt for warm days (up to 60 degrees) / Warm coveralls for cold days (down to 20 degrees)
  • Waterproof Jacket for inclimate weather
  • Flashlight with batteries, heavy-duty if possible
  • 144 square inches of Hunters Orange (this can be a cap, vest, etc.). Make sure cap is FULLY ORANGE in order to be legal.
  • Large cooler for transportation of venison to your home